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In my previous post I wrote about house hunting and this post will be a follow-up on my experience with UniLodge. Before I begin this post, I need to include a disclaimer that this post is solely base on my OWN experience and does not indicate that everyone shares the same experience that I did. I’m sure that there are many happy UniLodge Residents, I just didn’t have the opportunity to be one of them.

I did thorough research online before settling my accommodation with UniLodge on Lonsdale via email, I compared the photos on the web, googled for reviews and tried to find out everything I could about my new home for the next 6 months! But no amount of research was enough to prepare me for what was in stall for me.

Firstly, there were very little recent reviews of UniLodge online. But a quick google search lead me to this site: Do Not Lodge which gave me a glimpse of what life would be, and the comments left by residents on its respective Facebook pages gave me a little more information.

Base on my research, I knew that there are mice at the UniLodge on Swanston and a friend living at 740 has seen a mouse in her room. The photos available online for UniLodge Lonsdale seems the better of the few but here’s what went wrong for me.

1) The place was filthy!! Even though we had to pay for ‘professional’ cleaning. There were remnants of food left in the cupboard!

2) The carpet was in need of a serious steaming. It was so badly stained.
3) The sofa was… beyond description. It was so soiled that well, it left me speechless. ( I wished I had a photo to show but I think I was too distraught to take a photo)
4) The apartment came with a heater. BUT, the heater is located in the living room instead of in the rooms (this is with reference to a 2 bedroom, so I guess they expect the tenants to sleep with the doors open?)
5) The fan in the bathroom was spoilt
6) The place could have been better maintained. (Picture shows cracks of the sink)
Apparently, each unit at UniLodge is privately owned and thus the interior of each unit may defer. And even though the staff (Yvonne, and Daniel) did agree to ‘pressure’ the owners to change the sofa, it is ultimately the owner’s decision.

In case you’re wondering if I may just be really picky, Daniel agreed that the carpet needed steaming and the whole place needed to be cleaned again. At the end of the day, I broke the bond and Daniel very kindly gave me a full refund because the place just did not meet my expectations.

I would not say this is false advertising, as every marketeer would know, a business would definitely advertise its product the way that best sells it. However, did reality defer from what was advertised? Definitely.

However, that being said, there are a few UniLodges that are known to be the better ones out of all the other UniLodges and they are :

1) Villiers (newly open and apparently extremely clean)
2) D1
3) D2

UniLodge is also open for inspection so it would always be safer for future tenants to arrange a viewing. Overall, I was just not fortunate enough to stay at UniLodge and I sincerely hope that you’d have better luck than me!

Do you have an experience with UniLodge that you’d like to share? I’d love to hear it.